Collection: SleepCraft Bed Bases

Where Dreams Take Shape on Beds of Comfort and Quality

Space Savers

SleepCraft beds are designed with space optimization in mind. The addition of drawers to your bed is a practical and functional feature.



Custom Upholstery

Our Fabric Suppliers have operated in the NZ market for 100+ years. Their fabric selection is timeless and passed down through generations. We provide 8 fabric options at a set price.


Melteca & Deep Drawers

Customisable Drawers

The Deep Drawer selection sparks creativity and maximizes storage space. Make linen storage effortless by clearing clutter on the beds.

  • NZ Pine

    When it comes to using New Zealand Pine (NZ Pine) in NZ-made beds, durability is an essential consideration, especially given the local climate.

  • Customization

    Uncover our SleepCraft Custom range to Personalize your bed and its design to meet your requirements, from fabric to Height and width all can be tailored.

  • NZ Craftsmanship

    Crafted with precision, our NZ Pine and Merino Wool beds epitomize excellence. Meticulous joinery meets natural luxury, all backed by our best price guarantee.